Lanvin 2017秋冬男装秀闪耀于巴黎时装周大全


In a twist of fashion fate, Lanvin (or should we say “Laughter-vin”?) graced the grand stage of the Paris Mens Fashion Week 2017 with their fabulous Fall/Winter mens collection. This season, they drew inspiration from the vast universe and the little quirks of everyday life, blending fabrics with a poetic touch of finesse and a dash of whimsy. Checkered shirts, parkas, hooded tweed coats, and khaki pants, all those classic menswear symbols got a makeover thats like a fresh comedic act. The creative director, Lucas Ossendrijber, decided to ditch the complexity and excessive embellishments, saying, “I want to focus on the essence of design, you know, things like impeccable tailoring and clever proportions.” What a refreshing change in this fashion extravaganza called the Mens Fashion Week!

Lanvin(浪凡) had Paris Mens Fashion Week attendees in stitches with their 2017 Fall/Winter mens collection. This seasons inspiration came from the boundless cosmos and the humor of everyday life, blending fabrics with a touch of poetic charm and a sprinkle of comedy. Checkered shirts, parkas, hooded tweed coats, and khaki pants, all staples of mens fashion, got a playful upgrade. The creative director, Lucas Ossendrijver, decided to keep it light and focus on the core of design, embracing flawless tailoring and clever proportions. It was a side-splitting sensation in the Mens Fashion Week extravaganza! 

All these pieces have undergone a fabulous makeover, like they attended a glamour school for the elite. Theyre now oozing with a charm thats as elegant as a dancing swan in a top hat and monocle. Lucas Ossendrijber, the mastermind behind this sartorial circus, decided to let go of all the fuss and frills, declaring, “I want to concentrate on the true heart of design, the refined tailoring, and the clever proportions.”

Its like theyve dressed up for the fashion week grand gala, all set to steal the show with their chic transformation! 🎩🐇✨

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